Scene One: User installs CD.

"Loading CD" appears (not shown here). While "Loading CD " is up onscreen, we launch Music #1. Midway through Music# 1 we cross-dissolve to the GSA Splash Screen shown below.

GSA Splash Screen

Scene Two: As Music #1 winds down, we start a cross-dissolve (shown Below)

GSA Splash Screen cross dissolve.

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Scene Three: No music in Backgound. We roll the opening titles animation which consists of 4 steps. Below, are a select frames to give an idea as to how this will look. Here is a brief description of the steps:

Step One (Shown below): Dark Navy oval sweeps the screen in the lower part, from left to right and reveals "The Office of the Committee Management Secreteriat"

Step One.

Step two (Shown below): Dark Navy oval sweeps the screen from top to bottom and reveals "Presents"


Step Two


Step Three (Shown below): Here, like an accordion, the title of the CD "Get the Public Involved" deploys

Step Three



Step Four (Shown below): We hold the Title "Get the Public Involved" for a bit, then we dissolve it

Step Four

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