Scene One: The "Get the Public Involved" title has dissolved (shown below).


Scene Two (shown below): Module One slides down and locks into position. Onscreen, we show a scaled-down version of the GSA Splash screen we saw in Act One, Scene One

(View Close-ups here)


Scene Three (shown below): We launch the Introductory QT Movie consisting of two parts.

Script for Part One of Introductory QT Movie (Pending review)

"The office of the Committee Management Secretariat proudly presents:"

"'Get the Public Involved!' a practical and informative guide specifically designed to assist *you* in getting the public involved in the process of government."

"In this interactive presentation, we will review the most highly effective and time-proven public involvement techniques:"


"Informing the Public"

"Electronic Involvement"

"Direct Feedback"

"Group Involvement"

and, last but not least

"Advisory Committees"


"A world of internet links right at your fingertips for a more in-depth study."

"Now, get ready to get the public Involved! "


(Total running time about 40 seconds)


Script for Part Two of Introductory QT Movie(Pending review)


"Throughout history, from ancient Greece--the birth-place of democracy--to modern times, Public Involvement has evolved to what is virtually an endless erray of techniques and methods that may leave many public officials helpless and frustrated."

"Welcome to the information age!"

"As you know, Democracy could never exist without voluntary involvement by the public to enable the policy-making process to be more effective, to promote a sense of inclusiveness and last but not least, to enable government operations to go more smoothly and to empower government to fulfill its mandate. In short Public Involvement is what good government is ALL about. So, without Futher ado, please make a selection on the keypad located right below the VIDEO screen."


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