Act Three, Scene One: Once the introductory movie (which consists of two parts) is done playing, the Shield over the 5 dimmed red buttons retracts, and the silver-colored shield in the header also retracts. Also, an image appears in the video screen. We shall refer to this image as the "MC CheckList". This image consists of a list of the Public Involvement Techniques we heard about in the Introductory Movie. This image also features the MC icon and the MC WEB Link Button.

From here, the user has three choices: Rollover each of the 5 red Buttons, the Exit Button, or the MC Web Link Button.

Act Three, Scene Two: The next five images below show the five RollOver states of the Red Buttons AND the corresponding title that appears in the header above.

PLEASE NOTE: Only when the user RollOver Button 5 do we see a new button appear under MC Web Links: The FACA Video Buttons appears.

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Act Three, Scene Three : Say the User Clicks on Button#1 (aka Informing the Public) . The Shield right above the 5 buttons retracts to reveal three new buttons underneath it: a "Movie," "Text," and "WWW Links" button.

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Act Three, Scene Four: Now the User has three more choices within the Button#1 (aka Informing the Public) . Here as well, the "Movie," "Text," and "WWW Links" buttons highlight when cursor RollOver any one of them.

Act Three, Scene Five: Say the user Clicks Movie. At this point, the shield covering the Movie controls (right above the screen) retracts and the "MC CheckList" dissappears and the Intro QT Movie corresponding to Public Involvement Technique #1, plays in the Video screen.


See Close-up of image here


Act Three, Scene Six: Say the User clicks on "Text" or "WWW Links" (even while the Movie is playing) The Movie Stops, the Shield over the Movie controls re-deploys, the "MC CheckList" re-appears and MODULE 2 rotates into place. (This older page show the rotation)

(See Closeups here)

In MODULE2, and at the top, there are two buttons that allows the user to scroll up and down.

When the Text Button is pressed in MODULE 1, the actual script from the corresponding Public Involvement Technique Movie is displayed.

When the WWW. links button is chosen, the links for further study are displayed.


Anytime the User presses the MOVIE button, MODULE 2 retracts.


This procedure is the same for each Public Involvement Technique Selection (aka, any of the 5 buttons)


Misc. Notes: (remember, unless we are in Button 5, the FACA Video button does not appear in the screen below the MC Web links button)

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This image shows the RollOver effect when the cursor is over the one of the Sound Volume Control Buttons

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