Splash Screen

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ACT ONE-SCENE ONE: The above image is the first image we see when the CD opens. We hold the graphic for a little bit.

ACT ONE-SCENE TWO: After a couple of seconds, the whole image shrinks to fit the video screen on the "Get the Public Involved Control Center"--which is now made visible by virtue of the fact that the Splash Screen has shrunk (sketch Shown Below. The Black area will be filled with a collaged background. )

ACT ONE-SCENE THREE: Once the Splash-Screen is shrunk to 320x240 pixels, we swap it with the "Welcome" QT MOVIE --whose first frame is the same as the Splash-Screen. This QT Movie will be about 45 seconds-long. Set to a fanfare piece which has been custom-written by SVI, the movie will launch the CD with a cool-looking series of titles and backgrounds.

Scene 1 Thumbnail

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The titles are tentatively the following:

"The General Services Administration (show seal)"

"And The office of the Committee Management Secretariat "

"Proudly Present":

"Get the Public Involved!"

" An Informative guide designed to assist you in getting the public involved"


"Why get the public Involved?"

"An In-depth look (overview) at 5 highly effective Public Involvement Techniques:

"Informing the Public"

"Electronic Involvement"

"Direct Feedback"

"Public Involvement Meetings"

"Advisory Committees"


"A world of useful www links for a more in-depth study"

ACT TWO-SCENE ONE: Once the welcoming movie is done playing, the "Get the Public Involved Control Center" -- Hereafter Referred to as MODULE ONE-- slides to the left-hand side of the screen.



ACT TWO-SCENE TWO: Once MODULE ONE is locked-in on the Left, like a swiss-army knife, MODULE TWO moves into position.

Scene 1/2Scene 1/3Scene 1/4

ACT TWO-SCENE THREE: Once MODULE TWO is locked-in is fully deployed, a new movie is launched in MODULE ONE. This movie is the "WHY PUBLIC INVOLVEMENT?" movie.

This QT MOVIE will not only feature animation and music, but also a voice over. Total lenght: about 30 to 45 seconds.


ACT THREE-SCENE ONE: Once the "WHY PUBLIC INVOLVEMENT" movie ends, then, just like the BATMOBILE metaphor, specific areas of the Modules "retract" their outer skin to reveal Control buttons underneath.

Sketch Thumbnail

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Fom this point on, the user has the controls.

Simply stated, at this stage, we have five choices (the 5 Public Involvement techniques we mentioned above) With each choice, we get a 30-second movie intro (Mainly Voice-over with music showing a slow zoom on a stock photo--for example), a TEXT version, and WWW link choices. In fact, please note that in MODULE #2, towards the top, right over the TEXT FIELD, you would have THREE MODE SELECTION buttons. These are: "MOVIE," "TEXT," and "WEB LINKS."

Here is how the whole thing works:

Let's go back to MODULE ONE, right under the VIDEO Screen (right where it says "Public Involvement Techniques") You would press on one of the FIVE selection buttons ( Of course, if you simply roll-over the button, you highlight the Number AND the TITLE of the Presentation pops up in the header of MODULE 2, over the three aforementioned buttons.

Say you commit to clicking on #1. AUTOMATICALLY, the INTRO MOVIE introducing this particular Techniques launches. Note, while this movie is in Playback Mode, the MOVIE button in MODULE #2 is already DEPRESSED. If the User clicks on the PAUSE button, in the VIDEO control Button panel right above the VIDEO screen, the movie pauses and the MOVIE button is still pressed. Only when the MOVIE has ended, OR, the STOP Button has been depressed, then, the MOVIE BUTTON goes up to its original Non-pressed state.

Technical Question: While the Movie is Playing, can we press on the "TEXT " button in MODULE 2 and get the text-version, while the QT is playing, and scroll up and down.

I know for sure you cannot press the "WEB LINKS" buttons while the Movie is playing. That's because we will use the VIDEO screen in MODULE 1 to project an image-map with clickable HOTPOINTS that would takes us to already existing web pages. (please refer to the first Meeting Notes)